The siblings who have been in different musical collaborations, are on stage together!

Nağme Yarkın: Classical/Istanbul Kemençe, Composer
Baturay Yarkın: Piano, Melodica, Composer, Arranger

Yarkın Duo takes the audience away to a magical journey
interpreting their repertoire which consists of Argentine tangos,
Turkish folk music, their own compositions and improvisations.

Yarkin Duo

Musicians interpret their compositions and arrangements on their different knowledge base and experiences which have important cultural backgrounds. Piano is the main instrument of Classical Western Music and it has all notes in the register; so it can be thought as an orchestra itself. Classical/Istanbul Kemenche is an indispensable instrument for Anatolia and the Aegean, which has roots coming from the Byzantine Empire, continuing through the Ottoman Empire and Greece-Balkans.

In 2016, Nağme Yarkın and her brother Baturay Yarkın established the world music group "Yarkın Duo". They have given many concerts in Istanbul and The Netherlands. In 2017 they were accepted to the prominent Silkroad Global Musician Workshop in Indianapolis where they played with top musicians, such as Master Wu Man, Shane Shanahan, Bassam Saba, Guru Sandeep Das, Edward Perez, Mike Block.

Yarkin Duo“As siblings born and raised in the same house, we brought together two instruments from differing traditions, the piano and the classical Istanbul kemençe and formed Yarkın Duo. Independently and in unconventional ways, we focussed solely on the music that resonated with us in creating our compositions and recorded our first album One. In this album you are invited to listen to our improvisations, which are reflecting the remembrance that music is not different than speaking and expressing ourselves.

We have been giving our dedicated care to reflect the authentic sounds of our instruments in our recordings. In our playing together you can find rhytms that source from both Turkish music and in between those rhythms you can also find Jazz sounds as well as influences from the Classical Western music traditions.” – Yarkın Duo


La Vie en Rose

Bülbülüm Altın Kafeste


Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım

Te Vas Milonga


Erzurum Çarşı Pazar

Morning Rays

Havada Bulut Yok


Mia & Sebastian's Theme

Çeçen Kızı

NAĞME YARKIN, Classical Istanbul Kemençe, Composer

Nagme YarkinNağme Yarkın was born in a musical family. She started to study piano when she was only three. At the age of five, she was accepted to the Istanbul University Conservatory's (ITU) piano department. In 1996 she started the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory studying classical / Istanbul kemençe. 

In 2003, she started the Composition Department at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory and in 2005 she started as a Kemençe player at TRT Turkish Music Young Ensemble. In 2008, she went to Estonia with the Erasmus Program where she studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre for one semester and also gave concerts as well as lectures on Turkish Music.

After graduation, she started teaching at the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory. She received her master’s degree from the Istanbul University Conservatory in composition. Since 2013, she has been a PhD student at the same university working on her dissertation, 'Concerto Grosso for Turkish Traditional Instruments and Orchestra'. She is also a Research Assistant, and a kemençe player in the Turkish Music Orchestra of the same Conservatory.

Nağme Yarkın has given many concerts over the years, either as a soloist or an ensemble member, at universities and significant concert halls in Turkey and abroad, including the USA, The Netherlands, Tunisia, France, Belgium and Georgia.

She played with Andre Rieu in the 'Andre Rieu World Tour' concerts. She also played in Romina Basso's last album. She is a member of 'Music for Peace' project and they gave concerts in Istanbul and Batumi.

Nağme Yarkın currently studies in Italy / Pavia with Prof. Ugo Nastrucci.

BATURAY YARKIN, Pianist, Composer Arranger

Baturay YarkinBaturay Yarkın was born in a family of musicians. He was accepted to Istanbul University to study piano when he was six. When he was 13, he finished in third place in the European Young Pianists Competition.

When he was 16, he joined the Yarkın Turkish Rhythm Group and performed in numerous national and international concerts. They performed at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs’ “Turkish – China Year” in 2013.  Baturay Yarkın also gave a special concert at Aya Irini at the “Ara Dinkjian and His Friends” in 2011. He contributed to Şevval Sam’s 2013 album called “Tango”. He played Argentinean Tangos in various concerts, including in concert halls in The Netherlands with the Leo Vervelde Tango Orchestra.

After being admitted to the BAU Jazz Institute in Istanbul, he played with his jazz trio and Nağme Yarkın at the Istanbul Jazz Festival in 2014. He attended 44th Pulawy Jazz in 2014, New York Jazz in 2015 and Eric Alexander, Greg Ozby and Barry Harris workshops in 2016. He represented Codarts at the “Pop and Jazz Platform, 2016 Rotterdam”.

Baturay Yarkın went to Indianapolis and worked with world-known musicians such as Sandeep Das, Wu Man and Shane Shanahan joining 3. Silk Road’s (established by Yo YoMa) Global Musician Workshop with scholarship in 2017.

He worked with distinguished musicians such as Derya Türkan, Erkan Oğur, Arto Tunçboyacıyan, Gustavo Belytelmann, Halil Karaduman, Yurdal Tokcan, Ara Dinkjian, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Mahala Rai Banda, Koçani Orkestar, Fahrettin Yarkın, Ferruh Yarkın and important jazz musicians from Turkey, such as Şenova Ülker, Yahya Dai, Ekin Cengizkan.

Also a graduate of Marmara University, Department of Industrial Engineering, Baturay Yarkın has completed his master’s at the ITU Music Theory and Composition Department on “The examination of piano performance in tango music in terms of Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo and Horacio Salgan”. 

His albums, “One” by Yarkın Duo and “Su” by his trio, are available on music markets.

Co-presented with Boston University Howard Thurman Center




FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018
8:00 pm


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Boston University, GSU Auditorium
775 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02215



6:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Makams, Scales, Forms and Rhytmic Patters in Turkish Music

by Nağme Yarkın & Baturay Yarkin



Co-presented with the Planet MicroJam Institute of Berklee College of Music

Planet MicroJam Institute Berklee College of Music


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